BIZITEGI is a non-profit organisation that began its community work in the Otxarkoaga district of Bilbao in 1980. In 1988 it was established as a non-profit organisation and was recognised as a Public-Interest Entity in 1997.

Defend the interests of individuals suffering from social exclusion. How?

  • By accompanying individuals through life processes so that they can improve their living conditions.
  • Raising awareness to drive social transformation and advocate for a more just society.

Reduce the gap that exists between socially excluded individuals and the rest of society by:

  • Creating conditions that foster the improvement of their quality of life.
  • Building relationships with our communities to foster participation.
  • Joining efforts to change society’s perception of social exclusion and its causes.
  • Forge relationships steeped in warmth and affection and founded on respect for the dignity of each individual.
  • Create opportunities for people to meet and participate in the various convivial spaces.
  • Collaborate and commit to a shared project.