BIZITEGI is a non-profit organisation that began its community work in the Otxarkoaga district of Bilbao in 1980. In 1988 it was established as a non-profit organisation and was recognised as a Public-Interest Entity in 1997.

Bizitegi defends the interests of individuals suffering from social exclusión.

  • Accompanying individuals though life processes with the object of having a good life.
  • People in their vital processes with the aim that they have a good life.
  • Promoting awareness-raising and reporting actions to create a more just and equal society.

We want to close the gap between people who live in situations of exclusion and the rest of society:

  • Creating conditions that improve their quality of life.
  • Generating relationships in the community environments where we live to promote participation.
  • Putting the effort into colaborating with other people and organizations for overcoming the social exclusión.
  • Empathy and support. Generating relationships marked by warmth and affection, that promote respect for the dignity of each person.
  • Community. Promoting meetings between people, allowing the participation of all of them in the different spaces of coexistence.
  • Collaboration. Collaborating on projects shared with other organizations, assuming responsible involvement.
  • Plurality and diversity. Working from the gender perspective in a transversal way, maintaining the diversity of people’s identities.