BIDE 22 strategic plan: Axes, objectives and lines of action



AXIS 1.- Community participation lies at the heart of our social inclusion and transformation initiatives

AXIS 2.- Include gender equality as a transversal line to address the inequality gap that affects all our action areas.

SO1.- Offer comprehensive care that is based on the individual dignity of the people we support and provided in accordance with the Support Guidebook.

LE 1.1.- Open new pathways for inclusion based on individual values and choices.

LE 1.2.- Develop a culture and the tools necessary to increase participation among individuals in the community and society as a whole.

LE 1.3.- Adapt the model to the structure, organisation and provision of services of each unit.

LE 1.4.- Consolidate innovative projects: Aurkigune, Borobiltzen, VV. Shared.

SO2.- Increase our work's social impact in order to transform local communities into key hubs of human and social development.

LE 2.1.- Foster a transformative citizenship by creating awareness generating spaces and life experiences.

LE 2.2.- Strengthen our advocacy efforts by creating a discourse, disseminating content and encouraging social participation.

LE 2.3.- Work in neighbourhoods to foster social cohesion, build relationships and participatory forums.

LE 2.4.- Improve our presence in networks to strengthen civil society as a means of creating spaces directed to the common good.

LE 2.5.- Develop a culture centred on environment-friendly habits and attitudes.

SO3.- Demonstrate our commitment to the project and all project stakeholders.

LE 3.1.- Define our ethical code and commitment that ties professional contributions to BIZITEGI’s values and identity.

LE 3.2.- Develop and assess individuals so as to foster healthy work environments.

LE 3.3.- Strengthen the social base and organisational structures, supporting the project.

LE 3.4.- Foster the use of Euskera as the main language in the workplace and when providing services.

SO4.- Manage financial, material and organisational resources sustainably and responsibly.

LE 4.1.- Ensure economic sustainability of operations, services and improvement projects.

LE 4.2.- Renovate physical, technological and General Service infrastructures.

LE 4.3.- Advanced and innovative management by seeking continuous improvement, research, benchmarking and creativity.