Community work is a challenge we have set ourselves as an organisation. Bizitegi participates in the struggle to create a more just society. As part of this objective, we try to meet the needs of people in situations of exclusion in order to improve their living conditions and help them achieve personal autonomy.

At Bizitegi we are aware that our work cannot be limited to providing certain services; we need to work together with other organisations, institutions and individuals in order to eradicate the causes of social exclusion. Our objective is to include people, not only to alleviate exclusion, and this means we have to consider relationships with our community/society. Behind all the activities of all our different programmes is the need to facilitate processes of social integration. This means that everybody can develop naturally in their local environment.

Therefore, we are motivated to strengthen community participation in two areas:

  • Participating with people and organisations in our surrounding area, working jointly on shared objectives that foster social change.
  • Supporting individual processes of social integration through community participation. Participation as a formula for social inclusion.

We understand that we are not only trying to improve levels of the quality of life of the people we are assisting in our network of services. We also contribute to increased social cohesion through joint participation of these people in the creation of community cohabitation.