EAPN. European network for the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the Basque Country. We are on the Board of Directors and participate in the following committees: ‘Participation’, ‘RGI’ (income security), and ‘Inclusion’ committees, and as representatives of the EAPN in the ‘Social Inclusion’ committee of Bilbao City Council

Beste BI. We are part of the group which is the driving force behind the Platform for Housing and Homeless People.

GizardatzThe Bizkaia Association of Organisations for Initiative and Social Intervention.

Harresiak apurtuz. NGO coordinator for immigrant support in the Basque Country.

UNAD. Spanish Union of Addict-Support Associations and Organisations.

Plataforma Norte. a platform for homelessness organisations.


Euskalit. Basque Foundation for Advanced Management.

Bolunta. Volunteer and social-participation agency.

ASVAR. We sit on the Board of Directors of the Basque Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

FEANTSA. The European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless.

Denbbora. Innovative Uses of Time.

Third Sector Indicators Forum. An initiative driven forward by various organisations in the social sector to improve the management of participating entities.


Bidesari, for the Prisons Project.


Eguzkilore, for the Ireki project.

The Biscay mental health network, which has facilitated joint progress on the Recovery and Community Support Model.

Bilbao Municipal Homes, which has facilitated the smooth operation of our support network by enabling access to flats and property.

Athletic Foundation, for activities involving homeless people.

Organisations and associations

Otxarkoaga district: Retail Merchants Associations, as well as Irola Irratia, Txirula, Imagina Otxarkoaga, Jai Batzorde and Andre ta Jabe.

Rekalde district: Business Fair, Culture Room Project, Erre­kalden kaleratzerik ez, Jai Batzorde and Gure auzoan ez.

Uribarri district: Uribarri auzolanean, Jai Batzorde: Aldapan Gora, Tanttaka and Aletu.